Open your mind
to meditation
with flow

What is Flow?

Flow offers mindfulness and meditation sessions to all parts of the Brighton & Hove community.


The company was founded by Tracy Joanne - a trained holistic therapist and teacher with over 20 years of experience. Inspired by the need for meditation in all walks of life, Tracy created Flow.

Mother and Daughter

Parent & Child

If you are a full time parent at home  meditation is a great way to take some time out together, connect and go on a magical inner journey. 


Lifestyle 1-1

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just need some time out for yourself, meditation is a great way to slow down, clear your mind and reconnect with self.

Office Space

In The Workplace

 Meditation in the workplace is a great way for employees and employers alike to relax, destress and return to work feeling revived and refocused.

Twins with Down Syndrome in Wheelbarrow

 Learning Disabilities

Research has shown that people with learning disabilities who learn meditation are able to better manage emotional problems such as anger and anxiety.

Children in Yoga Class

In School

Meditation for children has been proven to relieve stress, aid concentration, help to manage emotions and build a secure sense of self from an early age.

Yoga Session

Classes & Retreats

Want to join a regular meditation group in person?


Choose from our various classes offered within your local area.


How Meditation has helped

"Tracy Joanne provided regular meditation sessions for a group of clients at
The Retreat. They were mostly complete novices to meditation and everyone felt the sessions helped enormously.  

Her guide techniques ensured that the whole room experienced a deep sense of calm and peace after each session and I would highly recommend to anyone, whether you are a complete beginner or already practice."  

— Gail Walker, Owner

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